Oct. 13, 2020

The Lady In White

The Lady In White

A sheriff and her deputy pursue a mysterious woman into the woods. They track her to a shed in forest clearing... will they survive the terrible secret that she's hiding? 

Hell hath no fury... like a woman scorned. If she wants revenge, you might be spooked.

Performed by Jorjeana Marie & Kenn Delbridge
Written & Produced by Kenn Delbridge
Sound Design and Mix at SPLiCE Studios


Here's the script we worked from for this episode

Jungle style sounds night, distant baby cry

Sheriff: “Dispatch, this is Sheriff Laynar, I've tracked the suspect to a shed in a clearing in the forest. I’ve got JJ with me. We can hear the kidnapped baby. The full moon means can’t get closer without being seen"

Garbled Radio Static, 

Sheriff: “OK. Anything else, message me, I’m muting your channel.”

Baby keeps crying

Sheriff. “JJ, you in place?" 

JJ: “Yeah, Sheriff. I’m north of the shed, 20 yards from the front door."

Sheriff: “Good. I’m due west. On infrared, I have 2 heat signatures inside, both on the floor. The suspect is a woman who attacked a doctor in the neonatal ward, grabbed a newborn & took off into the woods. She’s 5’3”, 110 lbs, long dark hair, ankle-length white dress."

JJ: ”Sheriff, the baby has stopped crying..."

wail of a woman, thunder, rain

Sheriff: “Get ready to take the shed… on my count… ” 

Vibrate Phone FX

Sheriff: “Hold it JJ, I’m getting a flash message”

Phone Beeps 

Sheriff: “Shit.. this changes things. : Suspect was pregnant and gave *birth* at the ward, but the delivery went wrong…  she went crazy and attacked the doctor. Now she’s here."

JJ: ”Is this still a kidnapping case?"

Sheriff: “No, it’s homicide. She slashed the doctor across the gut…  basically disembowelled him. Poor guy bled to death”

JJ: ”Movement at the front door!"


JJ: “Suspect is in the doorway. white dress... it’s soaked in blood… she’s pulled her hair forward to cover her face

Sheriff: “JJ, The heat signatures inside haven’t moved, it doesn’t show anyone at the door.”

JJ: “What the fuck? Sheriff, she’s barefoot and she’s… she's floating… her feet aren’t touching the grass… she’s approaching my position… ”

Sheriff: “Ditching thermal - I have visual on the suspect - whatever is approaching you is ice cold… "

JJ: “Sheriff, do I engage?… ” croak noise


Ghost scream, male scream, slashing noise. gun fire. body drop. female scream…. croak noise

Sheriff: “JJ! JJ!”

croak noise

Sheriff: “Dispatch, officer down, I need backup.. immediately!!!"


Radio FX, “Croak noise”

Sheriff primes rifle, gets ready

Sheriff: “Where are you?"

Heavy panting... quiet… croak… whoosh FX as the ghost flies away

Sheriff: (heavy panting) “Dispatch, she was right in front of me… didn’t touch me… she’s heading your way"