Feb. 10, 2021

The How and The When

The How and The When

We all remember the time when we realize that in the end, everyone dies... So, is it good or bad to know the how and the when of your demise? Or might you be spooked?

Performed by Elena Ho, Cassie Low, Jorjeana Marie and Kenn Delbridge

Written and Produced by Kenn Delbridge

This is the working script that the actors used, so ad-libs might not be reflected!
We all remember the time when we realize that in the end, everyone dies... so is it good or bad to know the how and the when of your demise? Or might you be spooked? 
T1: Good morning on this sunny June day. Welcome.
G: Do you know who I am?
T1: Of course. I see your face on every page of every business magazine
G: I’m here because of your reputation for tarot card reading
T1: The rich & powerful come to learn only two things.
G: I want to how I die, and when I die
T1: The cards will only grant one answer today. The worth of a life is not measured by the time it consumes, but by the footprints that it leaves… so better to ask "how"?
G: Fine... How do I die?
SFX - 3 Card Turns Over
T1: Wood... Ash... Fire... 
G: What does it mean?
T1: You perish in flames.
G: Can you be... more specific?
T1: Why you want to know about your death? Most people don’t dwell on this too much.
G: A 20-year business agreement that I want to renegotiate. It's a life or death kind of a deal
T: That is your past. You can't change it.
Bead Curtain SFX
T2: Good afternoon on this 6th day of the month... an auspicious day for a reading. Are you ready?
G: Do you know who I am? 
T2: I know your face, but until I peer into the crystal ball, I don’t know you 
G: I’m here because of your reputation for fortune telling. I want to know - 
T2: Ssshhhhh. The ball will only speak what it wishes to say. You cannot ask...
G: I’m on a tight deadline...
SFX - Hand across glass
T2: I see great wealth. You are rich?
G: Very. I've been a billionaire for 2 decades
SFX - Hand across glass
T2:  I see a steel room...  with no windows.
G: Is that a metaphor for my unwillingness  -
T2: No. This is your pathway to the afterlife. You go by way of a steel room with no windows.
G: Where is this steel room?
T2: This is the present. There is nothing you can do to change it.
Dice Rolling SFX
T3: Good evening. I was expecting you at 5. I close at 6pm, so I’ve only got a few minutes.
G: Do you know who I am?
T3: All I have on the booking is J. Elliott. Should I know you?
G: I guess it doesn’t matter. I’m here because of your reputation for numerology. I want to know - sorry, this is a little tangential, but you *really* remind me of someone I met 20 years ago... all I've got is a photograph of us in my wallet but... well, she would be in her late 40s by now...
T3: As you can see, I'm in my 20s. She was someone significant in your life.?
G:  I... I see her face every time I dream...
T3: She's got some kinda hold on you
G: Hmm. Well, let’s get to it. I want to know when I die.
Dice Roll
T3: Six. One shy of 7, the perfect number.
G: Can we pick up the pace here, it’s almost 6
T3: Patience...
Dice Roll.
T3: Six. The bottom of a clock face, when night turns to day, and when day turn to darkness
G: (sighs) Listen, I made a deal 20 years ago, at 6pm today I have to make a very expensive payment.
T3: One last roll of the dice
Dice Roll
T3: Six. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 6...6...6....
SFX - grandfather clock bells
G: It's 6pm. I'm still alive.
T3: Were you expecting to die at 6pm?
G: The woman, the one who looked just like you look now, 20 years ago she told me that in exchange for wealth beyond my wildest dreams, I'd have to pay the ultimate price.. at 6pm. But, I'm still here...
T3: All that worry, for nothing... Let me walk you to the elevator...
G: It’s uncanny how much you remind me of this woman, she said she was representing darker forces that would give me unlimited wealth in exchange for my soul... it was bullshit... my success is because of me...
FX - Steps into elevator
G: *I* am the reason I'm rich...
T3:  If that's how you derive your sense of self-worth, then success has gone straight to your head, Josiah.
G: Josiah? I changed it to Joe, years ago. The last person who called me Josiah was...
T3: Me... Did you really think I wouldn't collect on the debt?
G: But it's after 6pm.
T3: The clock in my office runs fast.
FX - Elevator Ding
T3: Now it's 6pm
FX - Doors Close
Reverb - "A steel room without windows"
Reverb - "You Die in Flames"
Sound of Fire
G: Shit. I'm outta luck...

Mixed at SPLiCE Studios