Oct. 29, 2020

The Devil in Disguise

The Devil in Disguise

Dead Men Tell No Tales... as long as they stay dead. If 2 crooked cops hit a cartel money run and get more than they bargained for, they might.. be spooked!

Performed by Denise Keller & Kenn Delbridge
Written & Produced by Kenn Delbridge
Sound Design and Mix at SPLiCE Studios


This is the working script that the actors used

Night Forest, Engine Running, car comes to a stop. Doors open, man walks to the right… one comes to open the trunk. Man comes back
Gax: I reckon 50 yards into the woods is enough,
Kell: Yeah... After this, we go back and torch that Escalade.
Gax: Alright. Let’s pop the trunk 
SFX - Trunk Opens
Gax - (gasp)
Kell: What the fuck?
Gax - This is bad..., this is bad!
Kell: No shit. 2 off-duty cops out in the woods… and a dead body in the trunk of their police car
SFX - Crow FX
Gax: shit, shit... SHIT
Kell: Gax, take a breath, let’s recap. Your CI said the cartel launders money with some local outfit?
Gax: Yeah, the cartel guy comes off the I-90 at exit 44, does the hand off in Pennyville. Whoever is doing the laundering then takes the back road through the woods... perfect for a police stop.
Kell: Yeah... should’ve been an easy score after we pulled that Escalade over. But as soon as you reached the driver side door, you shot him in the fucking head!
Gax: Ahh..  His face! It was covered in white paint and black streaks… I shot that fucker on instinct
Kell: Look at his neck tattoo: a goat head in a Pentagram. 
Gax: Why is the cartel working with devil worshippers ? 
Werewolf Howls, beast noises... 
Kell: So...  when did you realize there was 2nd guy in the back seat? 
Gax: Well… when he went for the door handle… so no choice, I shot him as well. 
Kell: Exactly. We put TWO bodies in the trunk, now there’s only one. Where’s the OTHER motherfucker?
Weird Noises More Howls, Crows
Noise of steps in the forest, wolf howls... evil laughter... 
Gax: There’s someone out there (Cocks gun)
Kell: Shit, it’s him… 
Sounds of Gax being killed, Followed by Kell. 
Build up of noises, big whoosh, male screams.... night sounds under Devil Laugh