Sept. 4, 2020

Space Oddity

Space Oddity

Be Spooked Podcast launches with Space Oddity.

Before the start of humanity, the only thing visible on the dark side of Planet Earth at night from space was lightning, fires and volcanos? 

What happens if an astronaut in the international space station realizes that he no longer sees any human activity at night and mission control has gone quiet?

"Space Oddity" was written and produced by Kenn Delbridge
Performers are Kenn Delbridge & The OMZ Project
Sound Design and Mix by SPLiCE Studios

SFX - Night sounds: crickets, owl, etc.
SFX - Sobbing
Astronaut: “I just wanna go home” (whisper, heavy breathing)
SFX - Button click as sappy music turns off
SFX - Wide spaceship ambience, switches in stereo, various bleeps
A: Computer - Record Audio Memo, Transcribe to station log. It's 31 days since The Event....
Astronaut: (Sniffs) “Earth at night… it's so beautiful from space… "
SFX - Radio static, futz noises
Astronaut: (Serious tone) “computer - open comms”
SFX - Computer Beep
Astronaut: “This is Commander Penn / Commander Ray, only occupant on the International Space Station, hailing Mission Control... (exhale) Is anyone there?”
SFX - Static 
Astronaut: “End comms,  scan frequencies again for activity”
SFX - Processing. Error tone / engage tone
CO2 Alarm
Astronaut: (under her breath): “shit…” or long defeated exhale
Astronaut: “Continue Record Audio Memo. Every time I'm on the Dark Side of Earth, the only thing am seeing is lightning, fire and active volcanos...  I don’t see cities, I don't see highways, I don't see planes. On the 19th of June, some unknown global event occured, and it seems to have wiped out all human life…. "
Alarm pings. 
Astronaut: “The resupply craft is 3 weeks late. I’m OK for rations, but the CO2 scrubbers  reached end of life a week ago and have to be replaced… the CO2 alarm is sounding, CO2 at 1% and is rising I've got maybe 4 hours before the atmosphere onboard cannot support 1 human life. I’ve been struggling to breath for days now, there's so little O2 left in the air, and I’ve got a headache you wouldn’t believe…  So. I’ve taken all of the morphine from the medical bay, and I've set up an IV drip for a overdose, cos there's no fucking way I’m going out suffocate to death… last human being alive doesn't even die on planet earth...
SFX - heart beat slows 
Astronaut: “This is Commander Ray / Commander Penn, signing off.”
SFX - flatlines… 
Mission Control: “This is Mission Control, hailing the international space station…. sorry we’ve been silent… the planet was hit by an electromagnetic pulse, it basically knocked everything out.... Listen - the resupply craft is on its way, it'll reach you in about 3 hours…. swap out the CO2 scrubbers… then we have hundreds of GPS satellites we need to reboot, we can’t do that from Earth. No GPS means no navigation, and priority is to get transportation going again …. uh…. Commander Ray, are you there?"