Dec. 1, 2020

See No Evil, Speak No Evil

See No Evil, Speak No Evil

Being a good neighbour means occasionally turning a blind eye to what you see. If your neighbour is the local drug dealer, best to keep your mouth shut.
When the cops come to ask an old woman about a severed tongue found in the drug dealers house, will she tell them the horrifying truth?

Performed by Jorjeana Marie, Eric Hurst & Kenn Delbridge
Written & Produced by Kenn Delbridge
Sound Design and Mix at SPLiCE Studios

Working Script for the actors

Detective Thompson (T) - Eric *
Detective Daley (D) Kenn
Widow (W) - Jorjeana
Breaching Parliament
Being a good neighbour means occasionally turning a blind eye to what you see. If your neighbour is the local drug dealer, best to keep your mouth shut. See No Evil, Speak No Evil. If you talk to the cops… you might be spooked
FX - Door Bell.
D: The occupant's name is Kubisch, first name Karen. A widow. She’s lived here for 12 years.
T: Well, Hopefully she’s more forthcoming than the other neighbours. 
Door Opens
T: Evening, Mrs Kubisch. Sorry to knock so late. I’m Detective Thompson with Robbery Homicide Division.  This is my partner, Detective Daley. 
D: Good evening, Mrs Kubisch! 
T: May we come in? 
W: (very slow, slightly hostile) What’s this about?
T: We arrested your neighbour, Mr. Mendoza, on drug trafficking charges a few hours ago, and we’ve been going through his property. We’d like to talk to you about some of the things we’ve found
W: ok. Just you. Not your partner. I live alone, I don’t like visitors.
D: That’s fine, ma’am. I’ll assist the on-going forensic search. 
W: Come in then, Detective Thompson.
D: Hi Chief, update here is that Thompson is talking to the neighbour, Mrs. Kubisch… she comes across as a recluse, so I doubt she can help us identify the child's tongue we found in Mendoza's garbage … 
T: Thank you for the coffee… (sounds of sipping)
W: People seem to have forgotten how to be good neighbours
T: I’d like to ask you about Mr. Mendoza, your neighbour. Did you know he was distributing opioids from his house? 
W: Goddam kids and gangbangers would come around all hours of the day and night. The whole neighbourhood knew what he was doing, but they’re all they’re scared of him. Not me. 
T: The anonymous tip-off - that was you?
W: Does it matter?
T: I suppose not. 
W: His wife walked out on him a month ago, took their 3 year old daughter with her. You’d think that would be a wake up call...
FX Thump
T: what was that?
W: what was what, detective?
T: That sound - did it come from the basement?
D: Chief, it’s me. We’ve found an eye now at the Mendoza house. It was in a jar in a kitchen cabinet, preserved in formaldehyde. But it’s not a child’s eye, it’s too big, looks like an adult. Like the tongue, it’s be cut out with a very sharp knife
T: I thought you said you live alone
W: I do, that’s the heater in the basement, it’s old and makes those noises sometimes
T: (starting to slur words) I’m feeling light-headed… did you put something in my coffee?
W: I think it’s time you left, Detective
W: Mendoza was a monster, I asked him nicely to stop dealing, when he wouldn’t, I had to find a way to make him pay for his sins…
FX - Unsheath a katana
D: Mendoza, he had security cameras all over his house, and we found footage of Mrs. Kubisch putting the jar with the eye in the kitchen cabinet. I’m going in… 
Door Kicked In
T: (slurred) She drugged my coffee...
D: (draws gun) Mrs Kubisch! Put down your weapon. You don’t have to do this, we can talk...
D: what happened? 
T: (slurred) the basement, there’s someone in the basement
D: Chief, it’s Daley. We found Mendoza’s wife and child in Mrs. Kubischs' basement… They’re not dead. Kubisch cut out their tongues and eyes. She was trying to frame Mendoza. Who the fuck does this thing over a neighbourhood spat?