Jan. 27, 2021

Kiss of a Vampire

Kiss of a Vampire

We're at our most vulnerable when we're asleep...  even more so if you're having an operation... if you wake up while your body is still under, you might be spooked

Performed by Jorjeana Marie, Stephanie Bovis, and Kenn Delbridge

Written & Produced by Kenn Delbridge   Mixed at SPLiCE Studios

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Script Used for Episode - our actors are allowed to adlib a little, and in the mixing stage, sometimes we tweak lines a little. Hope you like the episode!

Nurse: OK, Leena, I'm going to start the gas, when you wake up, your wisdom tooth will be gone. Any questions?
L:  (cheeky) Where'd you get that lipstick? I love how rich the red is!
Nurse: Um.. I think it's called Kiss of a Vampire...  Seriously, any questions?
L: Sorry. (slight laugh) sorry, I make jokes when I'm nervous. I'm good to go.
Nurse: OK. Can you count down slowly from 10 to 1?
L: 10... 9... 8.... 7.... (slows and becomes unsure as the countdown starts)
SFX Sound becomes muffled, spacey, male voice
Doctor: We'll start with an incision on the gum line... give me suction on the side...  keep a close monitor on her anesthesia
Leena's voice becomes inner monologue, w reverb
L: (dreamy waking up noises) Where am I?... Wisdom Tooth extraction! I'm at the dentist... wow, this anesthesia is weird... I kinda feel my body, but not really... shit, if I open my eyes, I'm going give the dentist one heck of a scare... I can feel him still working in my mouth... OK, I'll raise a finger, that'll work
L: Wait. Why can't I move my finger? (sigh) Screw it, I'm going to open my eyes so they know the gas is wearing off...
L: Oh shit. I can't move.... I'm friggin' awake, but my body is asleep... at least it doesn't hurt...
Doc: (muffled) OK, I'm done, wound looks good, stitches are very neat, bleeding has stopped. That went quicker than I thought. OK, bring her out of sedation & let's prep for the next surgery.
Door open and closes FX
L: Did they just leave me alone in the surgery? I still can't move...  oh wait. I just wriggled a toe...
Chair noise, rolls over
L: Oh, the dentist didn't leave? Maybe it was just the nurse leaving... Cool, maybe he can see me move my toe... let me give it another wiggle... Wait. Why is he pulling my skirt up? Oh gross, he's kissing my inner thigh? What a perv... Ow! Did he just bite me? Are you kidding me? I'm being sexually assaulted in a dentist chair! Ugh...  this is so gross... wait - that bite is going to leave a mark...
FX Skirt movement noise,  Door open and closes
Doc: Alright, let's turn off the gas and wake her. Oh, I forgot her paperwork, I'll be right back.
Door open and closes
Nurse: Hey, gorgeous, welcome back. You're going to feel groggy for a bit, but the surgery was a success.
L:  Hey - I was awake for the last 10 minutes, I couldn't move or open my eyes. But I could feel a little, and while you were gone, the dentist sexually assaulted me.
Nurse: (concerned) What? Are you sure? Some patients can have really vivid dreams while they're under...
L: No! I know what happened. He bit me on my thigh. Quick, grab my phone, help me take a snap before he comes back
Nurse: (uneasy) Sorry, I think there's been a misunderstanding. umm...
Sounds of skirt moving
L: Oh my God. His teeth punctured my skin in 2 places... is that... Kiss of a Vampire lipstick smeared on my thigh?