Jan. 7, 2021

In The Shadows

In The Shadows

People are afraid of the dark because they fear what lurks in the shadows... When a child starts to realize there are bad things in the world, how they cope with this will shape their ability to deal with the forces of good and evil. So if Evil comes to the door, they might be spooked...

Performed by Jorjeana Marie & Kenn Delbridge Written & Produced by Kenn Delbridge Sound Design and Mix at SPLiCE Studios

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People are afraid of the dark , because they fear what might lurk in the shadows... If evil comes to the door, they might be spooked
Bedroom Ambience
Demon: "Lightning crisscrossed the sky, illuminating the town center where the boy was tied to an old wooden post. The wolves circled the terrified teen as The Skeleton King approached him, relishing the ritual that was to come. The zombie crowd started to chant, as the skeleton king slowly raised his hand, which was just yellowed putrid bones, and placed it over the boy's chest, ready to pull his still-beating heart right out from behind his ribcage..."
Child giggles
Demon: "That's meant to be terrifying"
Child Giggles again
FX - Door Opens
Mother: “What did I tell you about playing with your torch to make shadows after bedtime?”
Child: “Sorry Mama”
Mum: “If it happens one more time, I'm taking that away. Go to Sleep now.”
Child: "Goodnight"
Mum: "Goodnight, sweetie"
Demon: "You do need to get enough sleep, little one. You have school in the morning"
Child "There are so many rules, it's boring"
Demon: "You're going to discover that life's not always fair..."
Child “I don’t like her”
Demon: "She does love you, you know"
Child: "She's not fair. I don't like her"
Demon: “Do you want me to make her and your Daddy go away?
Child “Yes, please.”
Demon: "Are you sure you want this? You want them... dead?"
Child "Yes"
Demon: "That means a new mummy and daddy"
Child "Uh-huh"
Demon: "OK. I'll do it in the morning when you're in school. I will be quick, they won’t suffer, I promise."
Child "Thank you"
Demon: “You know, my little angel, this will be the third time in two years... someone might be suspicious. Promise me, this time you'll try harder to fit it?”
Child “Can I have a puppy this time?”
Demon: "fluffy puppy or hellhound puppy?"
Child Giggles "Don't be silly. Hellhound!"