Nov. 3, 2020



2 Astronauts race to fix a problem on the International Space Station, but they're not alone in space... and out in space, no-one can hear you scream. So when the mission commander hears someone whispering in his ear…. he might be spooked.

Written & Produced by Kenn Delbridge
Sound Design and Mix at SPLiCE Studios

The working script for the actors

News Report to Summarise Threat Facing 2 man Crew, Normal Becoming Radio Effect
"The outlook for the International Space Station, is grim, as a life support system malfunction threatens the air the astronauts breath. Commander Bob Keller is on a space walk to replace batteries on the S6 Truss, assisted by Mission Specialist Aaron Richmond”
A - That’s from CBN… The whole world is holding their breath, Commander... how’re you doing with the last battery?
R - Dammit. The retainer screw caps are so tight… 
A - The station is still losing air pressure, my ears keep popping. We gotta get those pumps online again
R - (heavy breathing) I can get 2 on but (sounds of straining) then 3rd one won’t fricking go… 
A - I’m sure you know you’re pushing the limit on your oxygen pack… 
R - (Laboured breathing) I know, I know….I’m starting to get double vision from the lack of O2. Any current flowing yet? 
A - Nothing, the meter is showing zero volts.
SFX - Space Banging, Wrench
R - OK, try it again… 
A - Crap. Still zero volts. 
SFX - Alarm goes off
R - Shit… Is that me or you? 
A - It’s me. Station air pressure alarm. PSI is now... shit, it’s dipped below 11
R - (Straining) Got it! 3rd screw cap... is on. (heavy breathing) You got volts? 
D - Hey, whatcha doin’?
R - What? Aaron... was that you?
A - What’s that commander? Hang on, checking the current - yeah, I’ve 12 volts … and steady. 
R - OK (slightly confused) Copy. Untethering from the truss and heading back… .
D - Do you wanna come with me?
R - Huh? Who are you? Why don’t you have a space suit on? 
A - Commander, are you OK? Who… who are you talking to? 
D - Awww, come on, let’s go have some fun…
R - I dunno… maybe.. where do you want to go?
A - Commander Keller, you’re hallucinating... you’re suffering from hypoxia…
R - Sorry, i gotta get back to the air lock
D - Come on, it’s just over here…
R - Wow... you’re beautiful... 
A - Commander, why have you stopped? You’re out of O2, get to the airlock now!
D - I can’t see your handsome face, take off your helmet…
R - OK, gorgeous, let me undo the latch on my helmet... 
A - What are you doing? Don’t take that helmet off, keep that helmet on!!! 
SFX - Helmet latch clicks
D - (slow and drawn out ) Come on… That’s It
R - Hiss, choking noises
D - Go back to your doomed planet… the stars belong to us