Sept. 15, 2020

Diver Down

Diver Down

The highest point on Earth is the peak of Mount Everest, at 8848m above sea level. The deepest you can go is almost 11,000m below the waves.

The only creatures that at that depth are no more than half a meter.

So if you encounter something bigger than that, you might be spooked...

Performances by Mike Kasem & Kenn Delbridge

Written and Produced by Kenn Delbridge

Sound Design & Mix by SPLiCE Studios

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This is the script the actors used when recording; they were allowed to ad-lib, so it's not a word-for-word transcript


Underwater sounds, sonar, bubbles, waves

Deep Dive Commander: Hey guys, It’s 2 hours 36 minutes into the livestream of our descent, and the sonar has confirmed final approach to the ocean floor... here we go in 3…. 2….1…. (beep)(thump) That’s it, that’s it. Deep Dive has touched down on the abyssal plain. The depth - confirmed! 10,909m. Deep Dive is officially the first manned submersible to reach the bottom of the Pennyville Trench. Surface, how’s the comms and video link?  

Surface Boat: Roger, DeepDive. Surface is receiving good data. 

OK, looking out the portal - visibility is, worse than expected.. um, less than a meter.. 

The silt has probably been kicked up by vessel contact, give it a few minutes to clear

Deep Dive Commander: OK, let me will conduct a systems check - thruster pressures are good, exterior LEDs confirmed at max brightness, external pressure reading is 

(passing sound, bump) What the fuck was that? 

Alarm goes off

Surface? Something hit DeepDive. 

Surface Boat: Roger, DeepDive. We expected this, it’s probably small rocks and items agitated sinking back down

(thumps continue)

Deep Dive Commander: No, no, no. It’s more than rocks and silt, man… Listen, the tilt alarm went off, that was more than 2 degrees. If Deep Dive tips over, I’m screwed - The vessel has to be upright for ascent. 

Shit, something just swam past the portal… something big… it’s banging into me…  Surface, I recommend an immediate abort. 


Deep Dive Commander: Surface, do you copy on my abort recommendation?


Deep Dive Commander: Come on… This is Commander Lee of DeepDive - Surface, DO YOU COPY?


Surface Boat: Roger, Deep Dive. Lost you there for a bit… Yeah… we’re seeing the telemetry and the high lateral displacement, we’re extending the tether another 50m 

Deep Dive Commander: Wait, wait wait, It’s NOT a tether issue, surface. This thing that’s outside, it’s it’s BIG. I’m talking camper van big. There! It just went past on the camera, did you see that? 


Deep Dive Commander: Come on, comms, don’t crap out on me now… 

typing noises

Deep Dive Commander: OK, to everyone watching the livestream, guys, this is NOT us pulling a prank here. Deep Dive was only expecting to encounter small things…  shrimps and stuff. Right now, there is a something the size of a van circling me and ramming into the hull - there, you hear that? Is it testing the outer… Is that it vocalising… 

Surface Boat: Remember your stress training for this mission, Commander Lee, no-one has been down this trench before, let’s ... re-establish focus.

Deep Dive Commander: What? Hey, I am so fucking focussed… there is it again! it’s passed the front cam multiple times. Are you not seeing it on the video feed? 

Surface Boat: The unmanned explorer drone experienced something similar… 

Surface Boat: this is just nature’s way of saying hello

Knock Knock Knock - Deliberate and Real, Child Laughter Gurgled

(sounds surge back)

Deep Dive Commander: Was that vocalisation? Surface, I’m going to activate the external audio system… 

Surface Boat: DeepDive, there’s a shadow at the entry hatch.

Deep Dive Commander: OK, turning up external microphone 

(More thumps, human knocking)

Female Child Ghost Voice “Let me in, I want to play”