Sept. 2, 2020

And so it starts

And so it starts

It started with 2-sentence horrors. Remember them? A viral sensation from around 2015, the format is the first sentence sets the scene, the second sentence delivers the twist. The podcast would have a 2-sentence horror every day for 2 months leading up to Halloween. Would it have continued beyond then? We'll never know, cos the 2-sentence format came with built-in limitations

1. It's too short

2. It's produced in a solo narrator style. 

3. There's no chance for even the faintest character development. 

After talking to some of Singapore's best writers and TV producers, it was obvious that as audio, it wouldn't be engaging. To borrow a phrase, it didn't have enough meat on dem bones.

After a lot of debate and opinions later, I've arrived at a format of making something that feels like the cold open of an X-Files episode. It'd be in the 2-5 minutes range & the story wouldn't resolve per se but it would make you feel something intense.

The genre will change - monsters, ghosts, supernatural, science fiction, alien, creepy, weird, etc., so long as the episode takes you down a rabbit hole and spits you out at the end thinking "wtf just happened?"

It's been a full month of coming up with ideas, working on scripts, throwing some away, starting again from scratch, or totally rearranging and reassembling the idea again. And even then, I still missed the launch date of September 1st. The first episode to start the series has been recorded 3 times already, fully mixed twice, and still doesn't work. I'm going take one more stab at it on Thursday 3rd September and see if I can get a decent performance that makes the script work. 

Stay tuned!