The horror fiction genre has always been a rich one, from the classic print format through to immersive virtual reality offered by gaming platforms. In podcasting, it's taken on the form of a single narrator reading, which offers a cost-effective price point for making content, but... it's not particularly immersive. Horror movies have always used sound as a huge part of storytelling, and since podcasting has brought the focus back on sound, it made sense to bring cinematic audio to podcasting, with actors and dialogue driving a story that is crafted with immersive sound design. 

I'm Kenn Delbridge, an award-winning sound designer who's worked with MTV, Discovery, BBC, National Geographic, AETN, Turner, NBC, and many more. Be Spooked is my podcast that embraces the short story format to the extreme. Each episode is 4-8 minutes, and each story is told through dialogue with richly layered sound design, including spatial effects and cinematic music scores.

The topics I'll cover include the Supernatural, Horror, Ghosts, Monsters, Evil, Science Fiction. In other words, Be Spooked is a collection of bite-sized tales of things that go thump in the night...