Oct. 7, 2020

A Voice from The Beyond

A Voice from The Beyond

If you have something to say, don't wait till your dead

Otherwise, it's too late.

If someone from beyond the grave speaks to you, you might be spooked.

A woman visits her late Uncle's lawyer to hear what she was given, only to discover that her Uncle died broke. Did he take their secret to the grave with him?

Performed by Jorjeana Marie & Kenn Delbridge
Written & Produced by Kenn Delbridge
Sound Design and Mix at SPLiCE Studios


Child: 1…. 

L: So you’re Denise? 

H: What? No… I’m Kathy

L: (sighs) You’re Daniel's brother’s daughter?

H: Ooooh… yes, I’m the niece of the deceased.

L: You’re also late. The reading of the will was 2 hours ago… 

H: Sorry, I had to attend bankruptcy court. What did I miss? 

L: A room full of very unhappy faces. 

H: Really? Who doesn’t like inheriting money?

L: Everyone loves getting free money, but your Uncle Daniel didn’t give out a single cent.

Child: 9….. 

L: Did you know your Uncle Daniel was interested in the occult?

H: More like obsessed! He dreamed of being able to talk with the dead. 

L: Huh. I wonder what his relatives would say to him now… because all he left them were things from his collection of creepy stuff. 

H: Um… Maybe that stuff is worth millions? 

L: (stifled laughter). Mostly flea market junk. The only item of note was a signed book by Aleister Crowley, the occultist. That went to your Uncle Tom. Worth a few hundred bucks? 

H: So Uncle Daniel's wealth was a sham?

L: No, no. He did have a knack for stock picking, but a week before he took his own life, he cashed out and transferred the proceeds to a numbered account in Switzerland. US$118 million. 

Child: 0….. 

H: (gasp) Did he leave all that money to me?!??

L: No… The bank says it was transferred out an hour after it was deposited, to another numbered account, so it’s untraceable

H: (incredulous, disappointed) What? It’s all gone?

L: Yes… He died penniless, as if by design. Your Aunt May thinks he donated it to a satanic cult

H: What about his house?

L: He was a life long renter. He never bought. 

H: (sad, almost in tears) oh… he’d promised me that he’d… he’d take care of me… no matter what... 

Child: 6… 

L: Daniel told me he was helping out with your bills, cos you're estranged from the family cos you’re a single mom?

H: (sniff) Yes, he treated me like a princess.  

L: I hope you’re not too disappointed with what he left you, which is everything you see on the coffee table. An old gun safe and an ouija board. 

H: What’s inside in the safe?

L: Mmm. I wanted to check if Uncle Daniel left you a firearm, but if you give it a shake, nothing rattles. 

H: It’s empty?

L: Seems that way. The lock is in bad shape, and Uncle Daniel didn’t leave a combination number. If that lock breaks and sticks, you’ll need a blowtorch to open it. Does this safe have any sentimental value for you? 

H: (sigh) No…. (sounds of holding ouija board) What’s this on the back of my ouija board, somebody scratched the words “Ego Dicam Vir... Virginem”

Child: 7…. 

L: I saw that when I did inventory of the items to disburse, so I googled it and It’s Latin. “Ego Dicam Virginem” in English is “I will tell a Virgin”. 

H: Huh… (surprised as she realises this means her daughter, not herself)

L: Can you sign here for these 2 items?

SFX - Signing papers

H: OK, I’ve got to go pick up my daughter. Thanks. 

Child: 6... (SFX of mechanical combo lock spinning)

Safe Opens

Child: What’s Inside? 

H: Sweetie, there’s a piece of paper with some writing on it

C: Is that it? 

H: (relieved chuckle). This piece of paper... has information on how to access a bitcoin wallet. It’s where the money went 

Child: Can we go get fries? 

H: Daniella, darling, your daddy kept his promise to look after us. We can get all the fries you want. Come on, let’s get outta here.

SFX - Footsteps, door close, grandfather clock tickingSFX ouija board moves