Oct. 21, 2020

A Deal to Die For

A Deal to Die For

A woman makes a deal with a mysterious stranger for an algorithm to power her social platform... but when the stranger comes back 5 years later to get what was agreed on, the price turns out to be too high.

Performed by Jorjeana Marie & Kenn Delbridge
Written & Produced by Kenn Delbridge
Sound Design and Mix at SPLiCE Studios


This is the working script that the actors used to record this episode

A good deal is when both sides get what they want. But what if one side discovers the price is far higher than they’re willing to pay, they might be spooked
U: (flirtatious) It’s been what… 5 years since our first date? 
Devil: mm hmm
U: And for our 2nd date, you chose a dining in the dark restaurant called “Darkness"? Can’t wait for our 3rd date. 
Devil: Well, let’s see how our 2nd date goes…  I like the vibe of this place, like a private club
U: The first date was quite a night… You weren’t anything like what I was expecting
Devil: Mmm. Most men you meet on a Dark Net site tend to be geeks or nerds
U: Not you. Half Japanese, Half French, living in Silicon Valley. Your goatee was much softer than I imagined… 
Devil: Appearances can deceive
U: Well… few things are exactly as they appear… I wanted an algorithm for a social platform...
Devil: Which led to our first date… that end up at my place..  
U: That algorithm on your USB drive was… incredible.The platform took off like wildfire...I’ve always been curious - did you write it, or did you steal it? 
Devil: Does it matter? I have friends in low places… and they’ve got coding skills that are to die for… 
U: (laughs) My coding skills, even now, are non-existent. If it wasn’t for my CTO and her algorithm, our social platform wouldn’t even exist
Devil: I’ve heard a rumour she’s no coding genius either.
U: (getting a little suspicious) Hmm. I think you already know the answer to that. She’s just like me, which is why we clicked so well.
Devil: So two women, with no tech skills at all, launch a social platform that takes the world by storm that makes you both billionaires… and no-one is suspicious? 
U: (scoffs, less flirtatious, harder tone) Let’s cut the bullshit.My security team are ex Mossad, they cleared this dump out so it’s just us and the staff.The reason I’m here is because only *you* know how I got that algorithm. I figure you want to make a deal for part of the IPO money? 
Devil: We already made a deal… 5 years ago. 
U: I only vaguely remember that, I was pretty wasted. I do remember the sex was good
Devil: I’ve had better… 
U: Excuse me!?!
Devil: (voice changes, much deeper) No, I don’t think I will. I expect you to honour our deal - the algorithm  for your soul. 
U: Do you realise how crazy you sound? I have a panic button in my purse and could have my guys smash through the door in 2 seconds
Devil: Go ahead - call them
U: Why? I’m not afraid of a crazy guy I slept with 5 years ago for stolen software who now wants, what…  my soul? Who do you think you are? 
Devil: Did your guys did a background check on me? 
U: Yes - Satano DeVille. (tone gets more confrontational) I suppose that’s not your real name? 
Devil: I really should change it. No-one ever figures out Satan O Deville before it’s too late. 
SFX - Panic Button repeatedly being pressed
Devil: No-one is coming to save you. 
U: (panicky) Where are they?!? 
Devil: A deal is a deal, I’ve come for your soul…  tonight. 
U: (sounding a little scared) Wait. My social platform… can give you access to young people the world over… 
Devil: Subtle mocking laughter
U: (pleading tone) It’d be a win-win. You can get a much better deal if you let me keep running the company… 
Devil: My associates will escort you down now… 
U: Don’t you see it? how my platform can help you steal a generation of souls?
Devil: That’s what your CTO is for. I gave you half of the algorithm, and her the other half. She'll take over and I get to use the platform to trap every young soul for decades. She’s going to die an old rich tech legend. 
U: What? Why does that bitch get a better deal? 
Devil: She was better in bed. (orgasm SFX?)